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Floating Blossom Veil

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Elbow Length ($170.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Elbow Length ($170.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Elbow Length ($170.00)

  • Shimmer White Elbow Length ($170.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Fingertip Length ($185.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Fingertip Length ($185.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Fingertip Length ($185.00)

  • Shimmer White Fingertip Length ($185.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Waltz Length ($200.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Waltz Length ($200.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Waltz Length ($200.00)

  • Shimmer White Waltz Length ($200.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Chapel Length ($225.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Chapel Length ($225.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Chapel Length ($225.00)

  • Shimmer White Chapel Length ($225.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Cathedral Length ($250.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Cathedral Length ($250.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Cathedral Length ($250.00)

  • Shimmer White Cathedral Length ($250.00)

Light and airy, these hand-cut organza blossoms seem to float enticingly behind the bride—could you ask for a better entrance or exit?

This phenomenal single layer veil is available in bridal illusion or shimmer tulle and is attached to a silver metal comb for easy styling. Blossoms are hand-sewn onto the veil and have clear glass beads at their centers that catch the light like fireflies in the center of the flowers.

Available in 4 colors:

Ivory (shown)
Shimmer Ivory

I will can also do any number of colors as a custom order so please email my shop with questions.

Available in:

Elbow length: approximately 25" or 64 centimeters
Fingertip Length : approximately 45" or 115 centimeters
Waltz Length: approximately 54" or 137 centimeters
Chapel Length: approx. 90" or 229 centimeters
Cathedral Length: approx. 108" or 274 centimeters

**Photos by Lindsey Renae Photography. http://www.lindseyrenaephotography.com/

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