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1920s Style Bridal Veil Cap

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Elbow Length ($130.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Elbow Length ($130.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Elbow Length ($130.00)

  • Shimmer White Elbow Length ($130.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Fingertip Length ($150.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Fingertip Length ($150.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Fingertip Length ($150.00)

  • Shimmer White Fingertip Length ($150.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Waltz Length ($175.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Waltz Length ($175.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Waltz Length ($175.00)

  • Shimmer White Waltz Length ($175.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Chapel Length ($190.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Chapel Length ($190.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Chapel Length ($190.00)

  • Shimmer White Chapel Length ($190.00)

  • Bridal Illusion Ivory Cathedral Length ($215.00)

  • Bridal Illusion White Cathedral Length ($215.00)

  • Shimmer Ivory Cathedral Length ($215.00)

  • Shimmer White Cathedral Length ($215.00)

Romantic and quintessentially vintage with a modern feel, this style is reminiscent of Daisy Buchanan and all those lovely ladies of the 1920s.

Available in either shimmer tulle or bridal illusion tulle, this veil has a cut edge with venetian lace detailing at the sides and across the front. Three silver metal combs secure the veil and make an easier version of the Juliet Cap that is adjustable to your hairstyle and head size. It can be worn with the front lace above or below the brow.

Available in 4 colors:

Shimmer Ivory (pictured)
Shimmer White

Made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.

I will can also do any number of colors as a custom order so please email my shop with questions.

Available in 5 lengths:

Elbow length: approximately 25" or 64 centimeters
Fingertip Length : approximately 45" or 115 centimeters
Waltz Length: approximately 54" or 137 centimeters
Chapel Length: approx. 90" or 229 centimeters
Cathedral Length: approx. 108" or 274 centimeters.

**Photos by Lindsey Renae Photography. http://www.lindseyrenaephotography.com/

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